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"DEATH to anyone guilty of debasing the money"

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Guest AssMaster

If I'm going to riverboat, it will be with sexy Asian value stocks.


NOT the ones below. But these are possibilies without being too insanely valued.



Here are some possibilities for the riverboating crowd. Check the technicals though, haven't looked yet. Perhaps buy on pullbakcs?


UTSI has a P/E of 34, GRT of 30 (sustainable?)

JCOM - P/E 23, GRT of 30 (sustainable?)


Who knows?

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Eye sea ded peepil! Sints eye broak my crakpipe, eye swicht too snifin gloo. :blink:

I know who you are now! Why. . .

your Jimmy Jones Cramer! You gave yourself away with that switching from crack to glue bit. That's his M.O. Yep your Jimmy Jones alright! :lol:

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charliss: was thinking about your comment's re jj cramer and krudlow. Yes, something is defintely wrong. How could these two clowns, after being so wrong for so long, be back in the limelight?

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Luks lik aye pikded a bad weak ta qwit sniphin glough. :blink:

putz biyers snifin carbona :blink:


sory to here yu broekd yur crak pip - lisunin to sum Ramones


Wondering what I'm doing tonight

I've been in the closet and feel all right

Ran out Carbona Mom threw out the glue

Ran out of paint and roach spray too


It's TV's fault why I am this way

Mom and pop wanna put me away

From the early morning movie to the late late show

After it's over nowhere to go


And I'm not sorry for the things I do

My brain is stuck from shooting glue

I'm not sorry for the things I do

Carbona not Glue

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Why is the 'bi' forum more active than 'true blue' today?


Prolly 'cause of Glad's clever hook in the title ... "DEATH to anyone guilty of ..."


As P.T. Barnum used to say, "if that don't pull in the rubes, then I don't know Arkansaw."

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Guest AssMaster

Here is one of the boring stocks I mentioned yesterday:


JST. JINPAN INTL LIMITED. Boring Chinese transformer maker. Alltime high 8.75 in 1998. Opened at 6.25 with P/E of 6.5. Currently, 8.0 - P/E 8.5 - approaching it's high from July 8th of 8.24. There is essentially no resistance above over 8.24 unless you go back to 1998.


I wouldn't buy it now though because it's too low volume, and rather boring and likely to pullback. Even on value stocks, you have to watch the technicals.



Correcting now...down to 7.5

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From a 175 mil hedge fund derivative trader :


The option flow I have seen confirms this: I have seen an overwhelming supply of options. From selling upside calls to downside puts, no one seems to want to own options here.


The first wave of selling comes from those that are long options and sell because they are losing money. The second wave comes from those that short options, thinking there is money to be made because the market of stocks will move little. This second wave is where leverage in the market is built up. This is where I think we are now.


What I am waiting for from here is a pick up in the VIX (I don?t really use the VIX, rather baskets of other options; but they are highly correlated and they are confirming each other). When it begins to turn up, that to me is a signal that some very smart buyers who have good information are beginning to buy options. I started to see it yesterday, but so far today the VIX has trailed back off. This signal is one of the best I use and is almost always a bearish one. It won?t catch the top, but it is good at catching a sustainable trend lower. We are almost there.



That's the conventional thinking.. Mc Millan wrote a piece on how in the past rising VIX actually led to higher prices and it may happen again.. :unsure:

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