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Q Re Thanksgiving And The Republicans

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Each year countless numbers of turkeys are dispatched, yet every election there seem to be more and more REPUBLICANS!!! :o


Please explain. :mellow:


Lest this topic be considered partisan and FRIVILOUS, HRFF will invoke the shade of MONTY PYTHON and say:


"And now FUR something COMPELTELY difFURent!!!!!"


Please note that there hASSn't been much FOLLOW THRU on the breakout...so FUR.


If this were a real breakout, there wouldn't be the hesitation or the pullback we saw on Tuesday. There's weakness under the surface of this puppy. Not enough to stop it, unFURtunately, but enough to slow it down, considerably.


Does that matter, in the 'long' run. You BETCHA!!! You can tear around the track without a stone or carry one. Guess which crumples, sooner.


Haywire theory had better kick in, and soon. This may be THE exception HRFF hASS long said would exist at least once in this bear to that theory.

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