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AM, your mistake is in using the URL of the Web page containing the image - instead of the URL of the image itself. That is, you have used the URL displayed in the Address field of your browser's window. To get the URL of the image itself, do the following:


Assuming that you're using Internet Explorer, right-click on the image. Select Properties from the menu that pops up. A dialog will be displayed. Somewhere in the middle of this dialog, there is a field labeled "Address (URL)". Click in the middle of its contents, then press Ctrl-A (to select all of it) and Ctrl-C (to copy it to the clipboard). Then you can paste (Ctrl-V) the contents of the clipboard between the IMG tags in your post here.


To be particular, you have used the URL




while the correct URL to use is






Also, please use "large" sized charts when posting here; the "wide" sized ones are too wide for this forum.




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