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Doc Interviewed On Marketviews.tv

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Who doesn't like oral. Or is it aural? auditory?


Oh what the hell. :blink:

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Back at ya Taki!


But considering that only 3500 to 4500 people come here each day, we can't really call Doc famous. Well known among a circle of friends perhaps, but certainly not famous.  Fortunately most people just don't get it.  :rolleyes:


Hood- I like the idea of audio, but the files are huge and there may be bandwidth problems. Any of you tech geniuses have suggestions for file format and sound editing packages?

Cool edit pro 2.0. More powerful than anything I would ever need, but just a few dolllars more than the non-pro and has 128 channels of audio tracks to load. free trial of either non-pro or pro.


The single file interface to edit, reduce to mono, and reduce 'sampling' rate to make the small .mp3 and .wav files from the originals is easy to use.


For audio, you can make the files extremely low sample rates.and mono


as an example. an hour long cbs mystery theater run time 50 minutes is only 8-10 megs. in mp3 format.



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Doody & Doc

Try this for the first interview. (Ike has "audiodiles" in the url instead of "audiofiles")



As Howard Cosell might say, Thanks Doc for telling it like it is!! Great interview!!

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I click on the link for your latest Doc, get the chart page for 12/13, yet the audio is 9/28 interview. Is this a problem at Ike's or? I haven't heard your latest yet.

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