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Febuary 2003

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Check this article out at stariq.com by Robert Gover. http://stariq.com/pagetemplate/article.asp?PageID=4090

What he is talking about Hoodwinked and I have been talking about since last August.He points out there are no gurrantees but this period of the 17 to 24 of Feb. 2003 needs be watched most closely.

Great Bear reading though one wonders if we are going to get more than any one has bargained for.

Hood ,sorry if I beat you to the punch on this one.

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Most interesting! I find it more than a coincidence that it coincides with a 10-13 week cycle top, whatever shape that forms. I don't think that cycle top will be as drawn out as this one has been. Wow......look out below! :shocked

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Pension problem will make a headline in company?s accounts,

In 2003 they will have to start take real return in to accounts. Fictitious return will disappear and the profit.






Next year Market will be down big. when the bond holder ask for their money back.




Convertible Bonds



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Glad you mentioned the convertible bonds.


It's something I've forgotten for the last 6 months.


It should become a real debacle soon as time runs out.


For that matter all bonds will become hideous items next year.

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it'll probably mark the near-end to the intermediate term decline upon which we've just embarked Dec 2.


Probably end in yet another one of those "fear-spikes" like Sept 21, 2001 and July 2002.


At that time when Maria Fartaroma raises her hands again and says "perhaps we all should be shorting stocks" we'll cover :D


We'll then have another "Idiot's rally" eventually followed the next major leg down - I love it. Clockwork.

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