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Getting High


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From yesterday's New York Post:


Some folks will do anything to get high.


Just ask the cops in Holland searching for a gang of drug addicts who raided a pet store in Leeuwarden to steal three exotic toads whose skin induces hallucinations when licked.


"They are an exotic kind of toad that secrete a substance comparable with a trip on LSD," said police spokesman Harry Oenema.


And if they decided that this was profitable enough for them to become dealers they would no doubt become known on the street as Toads "R" Us.

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Good morning stoolies! Hope you enjoyed my rant in your Anals last night.


Uncle Buck and The Golden Stool are real interesting this morning, to say the least.


The same goes for this morning's Stoolwethers charts. Lots of lower cmaps.


Suctor Watch will be posted within a half hour, and pre-market (weak) at 9:15 NY time.

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:P No More Earnings Estimates from Coke

Friday December 13, 7:52 am ET

ATLANTA, Dec. (Reuters) - Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE:KO - News) said it is comfortable with Wall Street's profit expectations for the coming year, but the world's largest soft drink maker will no longer provide earnings estimates, saying it distracts from focusing on long-term initiatives.

Coke, which on Wednesday named the head of its Latin American operations, Steven J. Heyer, to fill its vacant president's post, also said nothing has changed in its earnings outlook for 2002.

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Deusche Bank cluster de-bork semis:





Gold very active this morning currently up 3 beans after trading as high as $336.70


Euro takes out 1.02 level and looks well bid but slightly speculative


Two semi equips warn. Brooks automation, Waters

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I stayed up pretty much all night and I LIKE WHAT I SEE!


Now, comfortable and well positioned to make some money on a few different fronts today. Core untouchables in precious metals and diamonds, the sparkling kind, doing just fine. Gambling account in options is again fully at work. Older options I payed a higher premium for back in November peaks may become a swath of profitability today. Looks good on all fronts, therefore I'm off to bed, see you around the closing bell. I think I'll sleep well!


No worries mates, unless horns are on instead of claws. :grin:

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Rich do you know what symbol to use for gold futures in livecharts?




March 2003 SP futures resistance








March 2003 SP futures support






A break and hold below 895.00 on the SP futures will put the pressure on the market, and should bring a move to 890.00-888.00.

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This PPI number will take Shepherd to critical mass - or just shy of it. He will fully load into treasuries and bear funds. The least we have is disinflation. I'm sure he will see deflation. Good for treasuries. Bad for stocks. Bad for metals. CRB doesn't reveal the whole story.


I am just forecasting his assessment. We'll see later today.

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