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18th Degree of Taurus

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18th Degree of Taurus


The period of Taurus, The Bull, begins April 20 and ends May 21 (or 20, depending on which astrologer you believe.) So it's the beginning of the end for Taurus's anual infuence. His influence, which had been gaining since April 20, should now begin to wane. Today, the sun is in the 18th degree of Taurus. Only 12 degrees to go until its the end for Taurus, at least for this year.


Today's Horoscope


Taurus, The Bull


Named Stars of Taurus


ALNATH (Beta Tau)

Hyadum I (Gamma Tau)

Hyadum II (Delta 1 Tau)

Ain (Epsilon Tau)


Celaeno (16 Tau)

Electra (17 Tau)

Taygeta (19 Tau)

Maia (20 Tau)

Asterope (21 Tau)

Sterope II (22 Tau)

Merope (23 Tau)

Atlas (27 Tau)

Pleione (28 Tau)


Messier Objects

M1 The Crab Nebula (supernova remnant)

M45 The Pleiades (The Seven Sisters), or Subaru (open cluster)


More about Taurus from Stardate


For many stoolies, seeing the last of Taurus will be a great relief, Eh?


Good luck in your trading today!

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Good morning Stool fans. Here is today's pre-game show from Stooltrading Stadium, with your radio host for today's big game, Doc Stool, and game-time color commentary from you Stoolies! Join us for all the pre-game festivities, including including the world famous Stool Sound of Brass Balls Marching Band, as it marches down 33rd Street to within the ivy covered brick walls of hallowed Stooltrading Stadium.


Can you feel the tingle? Join the festivities now! Three great season ticket plans!

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Guest The CoinGuy



"Uncle Schmuk" Love it.



A repeat of Fleck's comments, think they're worth a read so I'll repeat them over here, for the Stoolies just getting off the pot.





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Roger Arnold nailed it.


He predicted that the ECB would not be able to lower rates, because of trhe 2% inflation problem.


Now the dollar will get weaker, gold stronger, making Europe's export problem even worse.


Let the decline begin.


Waiting to see if we get the start of another hockey stick run on VGZ or BGO.


Ready to Riverboat the junior golds.

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Guest The CoinGuy



You will have plenty of company here...both ways. I'll stick my neck out and say BGO is a dog though. Plenty of others out there...



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Just a note for the gold bugs the recent rally in the loonie will impact the bottom line of mining stocks that have a large % of their mines in Canada. Your Expense cost rises while your revenue stream decreases. May explain the recent weakness in AGE and GG. AGE also had the rockwall fall in their La Ronde project.

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My Canadian summer is getting more expensive by the minute. Had I been paying attention shoulda sent the money up there when the loonie broke .67

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Guest The CoinGuy
morning stoolies. Forbes on crapvision: it's not that the $ is weak, the problem is they're not printing enough Euros. :lol: :lol: :lol:


Can't make this stuff up...

Funniest damn thing I ever heard....Maybe ol Ben oughta send over some of them fine & dandy new printing presses he's been using.



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