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Yahoo Messenger.....stoolville Chat

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This post is a guide for those of you who require assitance in getting started in the Stoolville Chat utilizing Yahoo Messenger......


Please read this entire post before attempting to get into our temporary Yahoo Stoolville Chat room.



Creating and About your Yahoo ID


If you are a new user to Yahoo Messenger, it will be necessary for you to create a new Yahoo ID. If you already have an existing Yahoo ID, you can simply create a new ?profile? (that is, another Yahoo ID piggybacked onto your main Yahoo ID). It is highly recommended that you create a completely new Yahoo ID/profile for use in the Stoolville Chat room. This new Yahoo ID/profile should only be used for Stoolville Chat.


We recommend that you use, if possible, your regular Capitalstool avatar nickname. If your Capitalstool avatar nickname is already taken by someone else on the Yahoo ID system, simply add ?_ids?, "_chat" or __at_stool? after it. One of those should work. For example....my Capitalstool nickname is "Rockhead", so I would make my Stoolville Chat name ?Rockhead_IDS?, "Rockhead_chat" or ?Rockhead_at_stool?.



Getting Invited into the Room


You need to be invited into the Stoolville Chat room. No invite, no entry! Therefore, if you want to be invited into the chat room , you must say so! Make your request known by sending ?Rockhead_ids? a Yahoo private message. I will then invite you into the room. If I do not respond within one hour during the trading day, send another Yahoo private message or send a message through the Stool network.



About the Stoolville Chat Room


The ?official? name for the temporary room is called ?Stoolville Chat?. Voice chat is NOT enabled for the room. It is a private room, meaning it does NOT show up on Yahoo boards. You must be invited into the room. You cannot enter the room until you have been invited.



Your first Visit to the Chat Room????.THIS IS IMPORTANT!


Once you have been invited into the room you will need to save the name of the room to your ?favorite room?, otherwise, once you leave, you will need to place another request for invitation. Let me repeat??If you leave without saving the room to your ?favorite room?, you wont get back in. To save ?Stoolville Chat? to your ?favorite room? area, once you are in the room go to the top of the ?Stoolville Chat? window menu, select file > favorite rooms > add room. ?Stoolville Chat? has now been added to your favorite rooms. The next time you wish to log into the chat room, go to your Yahoo Messenger window, select tools > Yahoo chat > favorite rooms > ?Stoolville Chat? and you will be dropped into the chat room.


Second, upon entering the chat room, you need to set some preferences to eliminate the potential effects of web based spamming. If you don't do what follows, you can expect to be spammed. Go to the top menu. Select file > privacy options. Look at gray colored pop up box. Under "On-Line Status", the only thing that should be selected is ?show me as idle if I don?t use the computer for XXXX minutes?. Suggest you use 15 minutes as the default. Next, under "When people see my ID on Yahoo Web Sites", make sure you select "Do NOT allow users to see me online and contact me". If any of you regular Yahoo chat room users have some other ideas of preventing spam, please post them below. If you find yourself being spammed with private messages from anybody whom you wish not to communicate with, simply click the ?ignore? button. Sorry, don?t know the exact directions right now.


In addition, there are other options available for various settings. Configure these as to what best suits you.



Getting Back Into the Room After You Have Left the Room


If you paid attention, you already know how to do this. If not, and assuming you already saved ?Stoolville Chat? to your ?favorite rooms? area, the next time you wish to log into the chat room, go to your Yahoo Messenger window, select tools > Yahoo chat > favorite rooms > Stoolville Chat and you will be dropped into the chat room. If you haven?t saved ?Stoolville Chat? to your ?favorite rooms? area, go back to ?Getting Invited into the Room?.



Final Words


Remember, this is only temporary until the official Capitalstool Chat program is selected and installed. This chat room may not be ?active? until ?enough? users get there and may die a sudden death.


Once you are invited into the chat room, you can invite others. If you are willing to assist me in inviting others into the room, please send me a message stating such.


Lastly, if you find you are the only one in the chat room, just sit there. Call up your charts and look at them. Someone should be along and it costs nothing to leave the chat room open on your workspace. Remember, you can also use the room late at night when you are just plain bored and want to talk about how the Matrix screwed your positions today. And of course, have some fun.

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