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So far my 2 steps forward 1 step back milking operation is working kinda?, or is it AL's operation? They are going for 8 consecutive weeks now it seems?


Wall Street goes Christmas shopping with other people?s money. You have any Idea how much a 10 year old sex slave costs? I don?t but it must be pricey?


I?ve studied the banking system in the U.S. for years and know the mindset of the of the suckers and guess what? the bull market lasted from 82 to 2000 right? Over that time Wall Street became a part of the banking system and now that the U.S. consumer is maxed out and can?t borrow/create money/debt in a quantity great enough to keep the largest PONZI scheme in the ?Known? history of mankind going, they have now resorted to 100% market manipulation. They are in the final stage of this ?game? the big suck/milk. If the market were to ?crash? the world banking system would be wiped out?


But don?t worry in 2003 the Armageddon, that some people scoff at, will make it?s appearance? The U.S. economy is smashed it is ?non-functioning? and would take decades to repair if at all, but no one has a clue, Or cares, about this yet?


If I knew it was the ?end? I would suck as much as I could off the unsuspecting morons if it was in my power to do so? Cornered desperate animals are running the show?


Just thinking out loud? Remember, they are not trying to save the economy they are sucking the last drops out of the final insane PONZI play.


Will they pull off the 8 week miracle? Still dicey? But if they do, next week will be the ?We?ve turned the corner!? Yee Haa! party time!!!! 8 weeks consecutive weeks, biggest winning streak since 96, if you miss it you're a loser...

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Given the recent trauma in the Bear's Den, the Keyser decided to take a step back and look at the slightly bigger picture on the Dow. Here's the take: the 6-7 week cycle has turned up after meeting its downside projection. The 10-13 week cycle has turned down however, and would normally limit the upside of the 6-7 week cycle, if not drown it out completely. Unfortunately, the longer cycles are not cooperating. The 1-year cycle with its typical "October low" and subsequent "Christmas rally" is in full gear. So much so that it may be drowning out the 5-6 month cycle, which should be heading down but appears to be flattening out. Where does that leave us? Well, not a time to be heavily short. Best case, the 10-13 week cycle will drown out the 6-7 week and we'll head down for 3-5 weeks. More likely, the 1-year cycle up phase will weaken the shorter cycle down phases and produce a sideways trading range. Such is my understanding, for what it's worth. ::)


Sorry I'm so far behind in the thread. They actually expect me to produce something here.

I've been doing the same thing Keyser and came to the exact same conclusion.

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