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If the live charts don't update you need to refresh your screen.


We don't know and neither do they. Doc



Economic Calendar



Earnings Calendar



Market Summary and Diary, Adv Dec by Volume and Issues, New Highs and Lows




FT World News



Foreign Exchange Rates - Major Currencies


CRB Index



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World Indices


The Big One. Almost everthing at a glance. THE Big Picture.

The Big One


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To See the Asian Markets Live Charts Click Here

Asia At A Glance Fast Loading



The US Dollar




24 hours Gold spot price




See Stool's Gold with Yosh and Doctor Au for a complete gold report.

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Don't forget about stoolhoo.gif Doc's great resource center.

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I've been working with this chart. It shows the relationship of the Bullish Percentage Index versus the price of the S&P 100.

It gave a nice sell signal at the recent downturn. Notice the crossovers and indicators turning down. Still on sell signal.





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For explanations of terms with some instruction try these links:

Chart School at Stockcharts.com. Type phrase in search box




Also don't forget Doc's Stoolhoo.














Put/Call Ratio










Bullish Percentage Indices

A move from below 30 to above is bullish and a move back down is you know what.




A fleet of BPI's

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Another strange sentement indicator I'm using. This one shows the ratio of the S&P to the put call ratio. The moving average and the ratio have once again turned down. This is bearish. This indicator rose during the bull and has fallen throughout the bear. We are back on track. :)




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This here was posted by Metamucil some time back. Really nice looking charts. Informative and eye catching. A+.


Another of our resident doctors. Doctors seem to make good chartists. Even better on the computer you don't have to try to read their handwriting. :huh:






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I'm bullish on gold till year end.

The CCI has turned down. CCI is a heads up fast signal.

When the ROC(41), representing the 81 day trading cycle, turns down I would be out of the miners. The miners will probaly have already moved lower so this would confirm.




Hare you checked out Stool's Gold Tonight?

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can the Stoolsignal be flashing both RED when things are ready to go down the crapper, and conversely, flashing both GREEN as a signal for us bears to head for the hills?

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can the Stoolsignal ? be flashing both RED when things are ready to go down the crapper, and conversely, flashing both GREEN as a signal for us bears to head for the hills?

it is a yellow one now.. has a reddish tint but is actually imitating yellow with an incandecent(sp?) lamp.


I keep the original vector/raster files I use to construct them, so doc wants 2 or more versions it is not difficult.


When doc is ready to make it part of an ad, I can blend it into a background at will.


I gave him a 'concept' first image for a popup/popunder nuisance ad-to-be for those who are not subscribers (maybe they will pay to get rid of them, cause I can make the header blank so they cannot use a popup/under killer :) (at least I think I can).

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There is a good chance of a down gap open when the blue line (3-period ma close) is below the red line (5-period ma close) and both trade below the two greens (8-period ma high and 8-period ma low). The price has to close the previous day below the blue line.


We don't have that set up tonight, but anything can happen.


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