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a break of 3134, even if it happens only for some time intraday, is a sign that yesterdays move was only corrective, but if DAX doesnt go below 3134 a move to 3320 in the short run is quite possible


--> DAX did go lower, but didnt break 3134, low was 3138, then moved up to 3210, now makes a pause, hhhmmmmmmmmmmmm?????



should not break 1025 (better 1028) in the beginning of the session, targets for upmove are 1058 (100% extension) and 1069 (138% extension), then move to 1038, fololowed by a move to 1090. But break of 1025 is a major problem, that would show that impulsive upmove wont come.


Any comments from e-wave guys? :)

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Did anyone catch Chris Locke this morning on Crapvision-Europe? I had to run because we had a company meeting at 9 am, so I couldn't listen carefully to everything he said, but he was predicting S&P in the low 700s and DAX to around 2000-2100 by late January. Used mostly Elliott Waves but also mentioned something about cycles - and his general prediction pretty much agrees in direction and time frame with Doc's.




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