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"We were a little overextended to the downside yesterday," said John Person, head financial anal cyst with Infinity Brokerage Services. "That is one of the reasons equities have recovered off their lows."






Don't forget Commander McBragg. He could guest host on Crapvision. Quite!

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i just dont wanna close my DAX short, why?

ok, the low for the morning session could be more or less in, but i see that market sold the "good news", the 1.25 bill feed should be not enough to pump the market up, FED will say nothing spectacular later, so i ask myself why should we go up today?

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... I get the warm fuzzies from the recreation. I wonder if anyone else has the same experience.

ditto. It was still dark that early in the morning.


Now I get the warm fuzzies watching the market go down the crapper :lol:



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is there an ETF ?for the XAU or other gold index - reduced my long gold to 50% y'day and now looking for something easy to hedge rest with (e.g., one trade / one commission ) - thanks

Other than mutual funds I don't think there are.


They'll introduce them months before the Gold bull market is about to end, just like the cubes...that'll be the signal to get out of them :D

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The Professor, Didier Sornette, and his post-doc research assistants have taken their equations on feedback processes in the natural world, and applied them directly to the S&P 500, to derive a model of its expected future path. These equations describe herding and imitative processes in crowd behavior.


Interestingly, these equations were developed while studying failure mechanisms in materials science. So the way in which cracks and flaws unfold in the natural world is perhaps similar to the way in which information spreads throughout the stock market.


After all, the inputs for the stock market -- human perceptions and emotions -- are just as natural as the weather, or earthquakes, or other natural dynamic processes. The market can and should be studied like any other natural system. Personally I have been moving down this path of study over the last few years. The market should be studied and analyzed like any other natural, chaotic system.l


So without further ado, here is Professor Sornette's prediction for the path of the S&P 500



21st Century

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Col- The total capitalization of all the miners is not enough to support even one of the market stoolwethers.

I was referring to the physical market which took a swan dive. Used to think that it was a canary in the mine for other problems. Not so sure anymore if it leads or follows.

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Looks like they are selling PM's to support the paper assets. Noticed they do that from time to time.

"They"? Technical analysis clearly suggested that the gold rally is running out of steam in the short term. Perhaps "they" are simply doing the reasonable thing and taking profits?


I'll go long NEM and GG tomorrow and wait for the bounce.


Just do be careful, OK? NEM has a rather nasty-looking toppy chart (short term, I mean) and is likely to correct at least to 24-24.50, maybe even all the way down to 22.50.




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