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Back when I was a kid I used to spend interminable minutes staring at the test pattern on Saturday morning waiting for the cue that my favorite cartoon show was about to come on. That cue was the playing of the national anthem. I get the warm fuzzies from the recreation. I wonder if anyone else has the same experience.


uh, not REALLY, :rolleyes: butt THAT'S OK, Doc, we won't TELL anybuddy else, :wink2: and 'sides, it might explain where the obsession w charts, TA, etc. originates. :unsure:


Saturday morning cartoons used to be.....well, to quote a character and anUDDER Tiger from 'em: grrrrrrrrrrrrrREAT. SNOT any more!!!

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Thanks Doc. Keep the sounds! Hearing HD time with your test pattern set as my wallpaper is quite bizarre and eerie. I have a need for some Bugs Bunny cartoons all of the sudden.

My thoughts go to Popeye and Krazy Kat.

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XAU - 2.6% .... doubled up on NEM short this morning

Looks like they are selling PM's to support the paper assets. Noticed they do that from time to time. I'll go long NEM and GG tomorrow and wait for the bounce.

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Guest Icky Twerp

it is inexcusable to nominate oneself for even such an illusory post as poet laureate of stoolville, yet I feel I must put myself forward...

as a sample:


that things go terribly wrong on regular bases

in cycles identified by fibonacci's


despite the best efforts of central bankers,

politicians, and television anchors



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