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Doc, I too used to get up on Saturday mornings waiting for the test pattern to turn to the Anthem and then the 'toons.


I also miss the old days when Crapvision was FNN, the Financial News Network. It was cheezier (I, as you can guess, like things cheezey) with those Lynd Walduck and Gold "interview" shows but, less attitude and more observation. Maybe I was just more nieve.

For the record, I reopened my long on QLGC at 36.93 to try for a day trade to recoup the a little of yesterday's 5% (for me) loss.

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It didnt work. Users of the board could not see everyone esle. We had up to 10 people in stoolchat, but some couldnt see each other. Also, once the chat got going, the bottom post could not be seen as it was scrolled below another image. Do not use it at this time.


We intend to start a thread on the Look Out Below forum which will organize a stoolchat. Keep your pupils peeled on Look Out Below.

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Doc, I've been to a WalMart and to South Florida - but not to a WalMart in South Florida. :D


The "no offense meant" was related to the (hopefully polite) expression of my belief that, while 97% of the human population consists if arrogant, ignorant morons (I have a scientific paper with statistics that proves it), a disproportionally large part of them seems to live in the USA. :P Present company excluded, of course; you folks are just the exception that confirms the rule. ;) The insignificantly small part, what.




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SG Chimes in


1. Jorma, I dont think its Maria on that commercial, its the lady from Frasier no??


2. SG still on sideline after covering yesterday morning. SG is patient and doesnt game the tape daily....


3. SG continues to see gaps on NDX at 985, left unfilled yet.... however, I will not game the tape here... preferring to see my 1065 gap UPWARD filled


I will then game the tape and look for a 937 fill on the downside of the NDX from there...


Time frame... not sure.... but I am waiting for the 1065 area to fill upward


"this is how we do it"

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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