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put some clothes on that girl. She'll catch cold in this weather.


As for Crapvision, they ahave alienated everyone. The public knows it's a bunch of crap, and we bears can't even listen for laughs any more. Last night I turned it on for 10 minutes. It was so nauseating. Tyler sounded suicidal, and they're starting a new nightly show with Martha at 6:30 ET to discuss the war with Iraq, with so-called experts. Won't that be interesting, informative, and educational. She'll definitely give Peter, Tom, and Dan a run for their money.


Somebody said the bear market will end when Crapvision becomes the soccer channel. I thought that was a good one.


If they want to have any hope at all of staying in business, they could start by simply reporting the news and telling the truth. People will only buy garbage for so long.


Wait, I take that back. I forgot about Rush.

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yes as i said i am short since 3103 this morning. Had 3110 and 3130 region as resistance, thought wouldnt make it to 3130 so entered short, looks like a double top now, hope the amricanos dont ramp it to much, if high of futures will not be broken by the cash we are in good postion for a good downmove.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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