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Sam Didn't Bank, Man Fried 11/10/22

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Bots on autopilot?

“If headline inflation more than 0.2 below estimates then buy all day“.

I mean an upside day ok, but that one today? Even the craziest short covering fizzles out after awhile… 

Inflation is a done deal. „Shelter“ is lagging like 6 months or so. Without that component there would already be almost no inflation.

The question is: Will the FED overpace? Market says no. We will see…

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Short covering in an illiquid market where dealers have no inventory to sell, and aren't willing to short into it. So, how much higher. Hard to know. 2-3 day cycle projection 3955 done. There is no 5 day cycle projection because the cycle lines are diverging. 

I think the payback will be epic. When the reversal comes, there will be no shorts there to start buying. 


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Elon pays $44 billion for chatter 

Its only worth about 8. Crazy days indeed.

lnflation still 8%....ten year treasury should be 11%

Only 700 basis points above where it currently trades.

There is still too much craziness in the system.

The numbers still do not add up correctly.

Lets face stark reality.

The FED was the greatest enabler of ponzi schemes and frauds in history. 

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