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Sam Didn't Bank, Man Fried 11/10/22

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The next Buffet? Nope. He didn't take it to the bank. He got fried. I read that Brady put his own $650 million in. Is it true? What a greedy dope. 

Some get what they deserve. Others are just victims. Victims of street scams. It never ends. 

Meanwhile, the 5 day cycle projection on the ES, S&P 24 hour futures points to 3715. 3744 is a key sport level. If it breaks, should trigger the next plunge. The next critical sport level would be 3709. 

In the event they hold here and clear 3770, that would indicate a new 5 day cycle up phase. 

Rule nothing out. 



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This old man is confused. The stories say Brady, and Curry, invested in FTX, the company and it isn't a publicly traded company?   Not crypto currencies?  At least Buttcoin is even with Nov 2020 prices and $16K isn't nothing.  

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Interesting headline on Bloomberg .  :"Musk Starts Assembling New Cadre of Leaders Inside Twitter".  "Cadre"? Since when do we have cadres in the US?  This is a very odd term to use since the meaning of cadre has pretty much become synonymous with the Chinese Communist Party and it's organization. Why not management team?  

I expect eventually all companies if they want success or even survival, if we too achieve a one party, state will have Party cadres  embedded.  By some osmosis it seems that  Bloomberg editors are absorbing the message. To the extent that Musk's aims are political, and they are, the use of the word cadre is profoundly loaded. I wonder if Musk used the term so Bloomberg just used it?

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