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Are You Ready for the Big Surprise - 11/4/22

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8 minutes ago, DrStool said:

Market gained 1.4% today and ended exactly where it was when Poopwell ended his speaking in tongues incantations. 


That „household survey“ thing is the new „the FED pivots“. 

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11 hours ago, Jimi said:

FYI. The winning powerball number is 05  23  36  37  63 & 20


Oh my god that's my phone number.

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So this week rally was about gossips coming from China which moved commodities

"Nobody is quite sure who wrote it, when it was written or if it’s even true. But a screenshot of four paragraphs detailing a China reopening plan was enough for traders to scoop up stocks for two days running. The unverified post, which contained black characters on a white background with no identifying marks, first began circulating on Monday night in WeChat… By the next morning, it was spreading like wildfire. The screenshot claimed that China’s No. 4 official Wang Huning -- one of seven men on the powerful Politburo Standing Committee -- held a meeting on Sunday of Covid-19 experts at the request of President Xi Jinping. It called Xi ‘big boss’ and used ‘WHN to refer to Wang in a bid to sidestep censors, who strictly manage messages and social media posts on China’s political elite. Representatives at the meeting, which included members of the economic and propaganda departments, discussed ‘speeding up a conditional opening plan, with the goal of substantially opening by March next year,’ it said."

source: Bloomberg.com


The Bloomberg Commodities Index rallied 5.1%, increasing y-t-d gains to 18.5%. “Prices Up on China Optimism”; “Copper has Best Day Since 2009 as Metals Rocket on Dollar Drop.” Copper surged 7.5%, Nickel 7.6%, Aluminum 6.5%, and Tin 4.3%. Silver jumped 8.3%, Gold 2.3% and Platinum 1.7%.

Italian stocks (MIB) gained 3.3%, with Italian banks surging 6.2%. European bank stocks rallied 4.1%. Major equities index gained 5.8% in Poland, 5.2% in Hungary, and 3.4% in the Czech Republic. Stocks were up 4.3% in Mexico, 3.2% in Brazil, and 2.0% in Columbia. South Korea’s KOSPI Index recovered 3.5%. In the currencies, the Brazilian real gained 4.7%, the Chilean peso 1.7% and the Mexican peso 1.4%.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index jumped 5.4% in Friday trading and 8.7% for the week – the biggest weekly gain since 2015 (from Bloomberg). The Shanghai Composite rose 2.4% Friday and 5.3% for the week. The growth-oriented ChiNext Index surged 3.2% and 8.9%.

Source: http://creditbubblebulletin.blogspot.com/2022/11/weekly-commentary-powell-building.html




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it could be good moment to buy btc

some arguments - The two previous cyclical - within a "halving" cycle ("halving" is playing out roughly every 4 years with a two-fold decrease in the probability of a new Bitcoin being "kicked off") downturns on Bitcoin played out between November 2013 and January 2015 and between December 2017 and December 2018, and lasted 13.5 months and 12 months, respectively. The current bull market in the BTC/USD exchange rate began in November 2021, so it has already lasted 11 months. If it were to prove to be similarly long as its predecessors, it should end around the November 2022-February 2023 period.  The BTC/USD bull market began in January 2015 18 months before the date of the next "halving" (July 2016). The next bull market for BTC/USD began in December 2018, which is 17 months before the date of the next "halving" (May 2020). The next "halving" can be expected between February and May 2024. 17-18 months before February-May 2024, is the period August 2022-December 2022.

The common part of these two estimates - November 2022-February 2023 and August 2022-December 2022 - is the November-December period of this year, and then more or less - that is, in a month-two - the end of the bull market on this instrument can be expected.

chart from begining of October 2022 from a friend of mine (crypto fan). He bought the crypto again.


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Sheer F'ing Garbage........F'ing Idots.......etc.....(Mis-Truths/possible Fraud/look at the comments)



and it reminds me, and let us all top it off,

from a genius in the Dallas Morning News "letter to the editor"

?Are People THAT STUPID?


Dallas Morning News......

Letter To The Editor and Printed August 2022


Maybe there was a plan?

Many seemed to have missed the conspiracy carried out by Democrats. Many blame President Joe Biden for inflation. They’d be correct. Inflation was allowed to go up (some would say a little steeply), but there was a plan. Along with inflation, comes wage increases, and we’ve seen plenty of that. But eventually inflation is tamed and starts to recede. We’re seeing that now, and I expect it will continue, we’ll see.

The point? Inflation is temporary, wage increases are permanent. The result? Inflation tamed and people have higher wages. Genius, I tell you, pure genius!

G*** T***, McKinney


>: is this what people are thinking? (US-World-wide)?


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I'm not into US politics but from other pond point of view I have totally different perspective. It doesnt matter if its Republican or Democrat. All of them made many wrong decisions with bad consequences.


Does anyone remember 2001 and buy the suv and house? or 2008-2009 hank and cohortes rescuing GM, Ford and whole wall street? and they suppose to follow free markets and bankruptcies..

Covid? same. I rember that Trump and republicans actually released huge amount of free money to people before Joe Biden. The whole 2020 was about sending free money to ppeople this is when it all started, including robin hood and gambling. You need time for this money to pop up and it did pop up in 2021 just when Slippy Joe took the helm.

I think US is same as Poland - politicians are liars and both parties lie almost all the time. In Poland, just to give you the context, free market party called PO run by Donald Tusk, nationalize private pension funds (50% of them to be precise which invested in bonds) in order to not hit the debt ceiling limit (which would result in cutting social benefits). Its all crap everywhere I guess.

anyway its all bollocks. Im amazed how many tries to frame Democrats for Trump free money in 2020. the world is not black/white, its gray in most cases. for example ae cant move on to green energy without huge support for fosssil fuels. ESG and other policies will or alread did cut capex. so we should support both - green and fossil fuels but from media and politicians perspective I see democrats support green and republicans suppport fosill fuels. Both of them are wrong actually.

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