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Odd Symmetry Suggests More Work on the Right Side 11/3/22

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Of further note in the pictures-et al......

Raiffesen (Austria) Bank, was the sponsor of the Swiss Football-Soccer League in 2016 (I am playing FM 2016)

guess who is the sponsor now......HA Ha Ha.................. CSG


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4 minutes ago, DrStool said:

 I like Basel on my pizza.  

There's a pizza shop on every corner in Nissa. 

In fact, I have one across the street from my front door. 

And every restaurant that isn't Asian sells pizza.  

It's all delicious, but you can't pick it up and eat it with your hands like we do at home. The crust is too limp. 


Limp Crust Syndrome......that hurts, as I am a huge Pizza Lover

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1 hour ago, SiP said:

I'm looking at Nasdaq, monthly candles and I'm scared. SP500 looks ok above 3500.

A monthly close below 10k in NDX and we gonna go to the covid lows. At that level there is also the EMA200 nonthly. 

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1 hour ago, SiP said:


its called napoli style (or neapol from Italy).  I really enjoy it.


Don't know if it is exactly the same, but in (NYC) they

fold their slice over and eat it (soft crust?)......Saw it on US TV (King of Queens-Raymond) et al

>: forks and knives on Pizza, that is another story (ouch)

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