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Happy Day of the Dead II- 11/2/22

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The thing is:

Let‘s assume we are in November 2008. What do we do? We look at former bears and extrapolate them to figure out  how next months/years will be. In 2008 everyone and their dog thought it would be a very long and deep bear. Well, it wasn‘t.

So right now, everyone believes this bear will behave like 2008. Why should it? Also everyone knows for sure that in midterm years November is a good month for stocks and we rally into year end.

In essence: Every bear is different. This one espacially. Why? If we look not only at stock indeces but financial markets in sum means also Bonds than this bear is absolutely catastrophic and devastating.

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Hope our Coin Guy is still vertical. I missed when he emerged and my mind glazes over with his stories because I have the memory of a goldfish.  

Actually it's a good time to wish everyone well because,,, well because.

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My boys have played baseball since they were 5 years old. Wasn't my agenda - I never played. Our older son was swinging a bat at 3 years old and seemed intent on playing, so we signed him up for little league: he had preposterous good fortune in early coaching & has played ever since. Younger son followed his older brother into little league. Older son plays high school ball now, and younger likely will follow next year. I have completely fallen in love with baseball because of them. I've watched more baseball on TV in the last month than I did in my first 40 years on the planet.

Older son is playing "Fallball" for the first time this year - we've always suspended baseball in August to limit arm-strain from year-round playing, but HS baseball has its different set of obligations, and the boys didn't play "travelball" through summer. At a game a few weeks ago, a father brought a radar gun to measure his kid's pitch-speed - the kid is no pitching prodigy, and it is the JV squad, but he's the hardest throwing pitcher on the team. He maxed out at 67mph on the pitches recorded.  Maybe tops out at 70mph.... Maybe. 

I have seen.... I dunno... between little league & travelball with two sons... 80 games pitched by 12 year olds. And I've seen a 67mph measured pitch.

The idea that Bryce Harper was gunning down other 12 year olds with a 77mph fastball is... legend.

At his first at-bat tonight, they said Harper took only his 3rd pitch looking of the postseason.

That, too, is legend.

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Tyoical of the Phillies season. Great on night. Awful the next. Question is on which end of the spectrum they end up. Assthrows are formidable, and obviously resilient as well. 

It's been a good dream, so what the hell. Anything else is gravy. 

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