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Happy Day of the Dead II- 11/2/22

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26 minutes ago, Jorma said:

Dumb but what is a symbol for a 30 day T bill, future or index


Enter ZB and select futures. The choice of month should pop up.

I'm too chicken, I use the micro-futures 30 yield 30YX2




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4 minutes ago, DrStool said:

Fed rate target falls further behind the curve. 


Is the 3 month T bill the proper measure against the Fed Funds rate?  That's what got me to thinking of the 30 day rate which I have at 3.57


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1 minute ago, sandy beach said:

That was such a fake-out. The financial news industry had people brainwashed to consider any statement to imply a pivot. Instead we've got a terminal rate. Is that even legal? Oh the huge manatee!

Was wondering today whether the initial impulse - which seems routinely wrong - was, for example example today, the marginal chuckle-head who thought & positioned for, "The Fed is behind the curve - they have to raise 100 bps to retain credibility." When it doesn't happen, they are in the "Oh sh*t!" position, and have to cover... which then pushes things higher above short-cover levels, which then clears to a point, leaving nothing left to sustain price.

And so, it falls back down....

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