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A New Beginning


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What's cookin' over here? IBM is dropping like a rock, PG has FINALLY gone below 85 for the first time in a long time, C is dropping, and not a PEEP here? Has this bear rally finally given up? Good news today, and the market is falling. Commentary please?

And about time too!


But I think this is just a respite. Don't think we'll get the real drop till December, if then. Remember that I am a contrarian indicator.


Doc, speed is just INCREDIBLY better once I stopped loading the avatars and signature lines. too bad, I liked the avatars, but I like you guys' input more.

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Bus: The cycle chart is direction rather than magnitude. Not perfect, but it's worth keeping in view imo.


"The above chart was constructed by adding nominal 14/28/56/112/224/448 day cycles. Weighting factors were assigned to each cycle and adjusted by backtesting against the rally that followed 9/21/01, the end result is above for the move off the SPX 10/10/02 bottom, note how well the peaks/troughs have matched market performance so far. The magnitude of the peaks/troughs on this chart may not represent the actual movement of the SPX, this chart is intended for identifying timing for directional moves."

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I just want to thank Rockhead for going to this trouble for us. It's his proprietary system, and it's his effort to bring it to us in a format the new board will permit. Thanks, dude.



Thanks, and you hit it on the head! I have to adapt MY TRADING PLATFORM (change colors, change image size, limit indicators, etc) to post images on the stool or need to work too much (import/export/reexport/fireworks, etc.) so I can post the images. Aint gonna happen.


Changing colors and reformatting take time. Time is money. Time better spent for me screening stocks or observing trades. I am a short term trader and time is my income.


Was simply trying to provide some useful images, but Tradestation doesnt want to comply with image size. Thats not anyone's fault. The 50K limit has me hampered. I cannot post any specific annotated stock chart with more than one indicator to meet that size. Basically, I can post a price chart. That is not what I normally view and as stated above, reformatting takes time.


Bottom line, I am not reconfiguring MY INCOME SOUCE nor taking the time away from my trading observation for the sake of images on the stool...as much as I enjoy it here.


I didnt post images before the new IDS opened and will not post images on the new IDS. It wont matter to anyone in the long run.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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