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Not Too Bad Here 7/19/22

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1 hour ago, DrStool said:

Well, I don't really understand the point of your post. What is a wild card? The ECB and BoJ are much bigger than the Fed. I cover them with respect to their impact on the US markets via the Fed's custodial holdings. 

For my current thinking in depth may I suggest: 

Clearly, the neither the liquidity data nor the technical data have been bearish in weeks, and I have said so, loud and clear.  

So I'm not sure why anyone would find fault with my analysis. I've been warning about this bear market rally for almost a month. 

And for those arguing that the Fed isn't tight, that's just wrong. You must view Fed actions in the context of where it is now, vs pumping 100-200 billion per month into the market, and in terms of what the market needs to absorb Treasury supply. We're in the middle of the worst bond bear market in history. And the bear market in stocks has only completed its first leg. If that. 



I didn‘t mean to say, that your analysis is false. I only wanted to make the point, that maybe the global financial system could stay more or less afloat even if the FED is tight, as long as the ECB and BoJ are not tight. I am not sure about that, cause only the FED can print the worlds reserve currency, which has direct impact on for example Emerging Markets.

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Not to be sarcastic or inflammatory......

Moving Interest rates at 0 (or less) to 1 is now a Bear Market? (the cost of free money went higher) (No$hit)

I understand that depending on the DEBT it costs more

that debt (World-Wide)  is still being sold @ 1% or LESS  all day, all week, says something else.........

>: Is there a "Debt" Mkt not touched/controlled by the CB's

>:: All Debt "Mkts" are touched by the CB's....or worse

>::: The Transfer Fees/Wages being paid in Euro Soccer says it all.....(The Rich say F all of U)

Look who owns the "Teams" "Franchises" "Multi-Clubs"....... End of F'ing Story

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