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Swoosh! 7/18/22

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The ES, S&P 500 24 hour continuous futures chart looks like the Nike logo this morning. The bulls are living up to their just close your eyes and fucking do it ethos. They're buying with both fists as New York traders start rubbing their eyes and guzzling coffee in front of their trading screens.  The 5 day cycle projection has risen to 3960. 

Meanwhile the measured move target of the base breakout is like a restaurant menu. Take your pick. 3910? 3930? Or would you like some of the rare chicken? Just 3990 for all you can eat. 

If the rally extends beyond 3910, no doubt there are some who would say that the target is 4070. You know how it is when some people say. D



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18 minutes ago, DrStool said:

Quelle est la raison du jour? 

Poison AAPL, according to some, China may have caught something, too......

>: Or because I mowed the lawn this morning before it Got Too Hot, Hear Europe is a Lil Hot, Too.


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Apple will deliver a stink bomb next week and take everything down with it.

AAPL, among a few others, is THE Nifty Fifty of our time. You know what happened to them…

Bought an iphone 13 recently. Great device. Apple is a great company too. But so was IBM, in the 70s, in the 80s too, even today still ok. 

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