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The Inevitable Dead Cat Bounce Is Here 5/13/22

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1 hour ago, The CoinGuy said:


Surgery has been postponed(three weeks I believe), waiting on a few reports, but hey...I'm still breathing.  That's a bonus. 😁

I can get onboard of a DCB, but a tradable low?  Nope.  Not there yet.

I believe I've said this before. 🙂.  "The Nasdaq is trading one step ahead of the DJI and the SPX" and I have a feeling I'll be saying it again.  I like to repeat things...😉.


Doc...Good Luck with the interview!

Take care everyone.  I'll check back in when I can.  Mid to late June.  Although...if there is something of concern that pops up.  Expect an immediate comment "in a timely fashion".

as of right now...seeing nothing here out of the ordinary and all within expectations. 

Especially TWTR(and BTC),



I always have to mention the ^HUI.  We pierced the band yesterday.  You never know...you could actually explode through it.  Please recall, the key is at 235(+10/-10).  

From my perspective.  The real decline "starts" at 235. 

So far...just a taste of what lies ahead.



A Whisper on the Trail... - May 12, 2022.jpg

TCG- Good luck and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery! 

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4 minutes ago, sandy beach said:

That could leave a mark.


Yes, but in percentage terms, the dot-com claps was much bigger. 

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and the SPX closes above 4020 with the magic hand........

3980 or 4020 the hour before......

Of Note,

When TCG said the Dow does xx800 - xx200

I always thought xx80 - xx20 was the SPX, too

bigger % swings. too


All salute Benchmark 8 and everyone's weekend

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Bloomberg: China Retail sales -11.1% YoY; estimate -6.6%; Worst since May of 2002 Industrial output = -2.9% YoY; estimate +0.5%; Worst Since 1990's USD.CNH shooting up. This is COVID related and will have reverberations globally. Markets now down - rates down, oil down, etc. Bloomberg "Can we call this a shocker?" 

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