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Up and Down I-95 Between New York and Philly, Can Bears Take the Wheel? 5/6/22

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56 minutes ago, MisFit Kid said:

should that not be ah revare

au revoir

Not in Nice, an Italian French city.

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1 hour ago, DrStool said:

If they can't clear 4150 by the close, it will spell doom for the bulls. 

That's gonna be a heavy lift from here....

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When you think about it the FED is a financial chaos agent of the first order.

By it distortion matrix it creates chaos in financial markets.

It is the greatest pumper and dumper of financial (and real) assets of all time.

Of course its great for speculators.

All you have to do is front run the fed to make a fortune.

Its easy to predict the future as a speculator with the FED as your very own chaos engine.

I said bondholders were bag holders all last year.

Because the 40% M2 print said so.

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I like the part when Ass 'n Pee fucutures open after a weekend, and then a little later, they are down over 50 points overnight.

Because we've been living in a bubble.

A fiction-world where permanent prosperity is borrowed forward indefinitely and without consequence.

Reality is like Mother Nature: an uncompromising force to which ALL submit when IT decides.

Little would be healthier for the long-term health of our society than to cull the financial nonsense.

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