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Finally Getting that Liquidity Rally 4/26/22

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43 minutes ago, The CoinGuy said:


I wanted to put this in a post by itself. 

I always like to say "Hello" to an old poster who addresses me directly.  Especially one that lives next door.  I spend quite a bit of time in your state, almost as much as in my own.  Although, both coasts, South America, Asia, and the Atlantic Ocean I consider my playgrounds.

Please keep posting your charts(and ideas).


The CoinGuy

Thank you for responding. I spend about 1/2 the year in Denver, and 1/2 the year in Cabo San Lucas. Too much sun, tequila and beaches are among my favorite vices. 

When you say "next door"--I got the impression from your post yesterday you were in Omaha? I assumed you were referencing the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting/circus and the A shares that sell for a half mil apiece. And don't forget the excursion to Borsheim's where they fleece busloads of well-heeled Buffet groupies who buy shiny trinkets and baubles. 

I lived in Omaha for about 10 years and went to law school there. Mrs. Finger grew up in Omaha. I haven't lived in Omaha since the mid-90's, but the meeting was ridiculous even then. I can only imagine it now. 

You make it down to Cabo (or up, if you are coming up from South America), let me know--first couple of rounds are on me. 


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1 minute ago, MisFit Kid said:

Is everyone waiting for .........

Mister Softee


>: King AAPL is Turdsday.......

Mr. Softee the Christmas poo?

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And anyone else....

Don't be making any drop by offers you can't pay off on.  The CoinGuy actually shows up.  I retired at 25 in 1993...and I'm not limited by geographical location.  I can be anywhere in the world within 24 hours.  Smile.  Offers to French Riviera, Cabo san Lucas. 

Yep.  Better be careful...😀.

I spent the early 90's visiting Cabo(and Puerto Vallarta), then I stayed in a place in Manzanillo for awhile. 

Haven't been to Mexico in over 20 years now...

Currently in Nebraska(multiple cities).  My family settled the state.  I'm a fifth generation Nebraskan.  Dealing with some health issues this year, then I'll be off to somewhere with a coast line for at least the next decade.  I haven't decided where yet, but I'm avidly looking.  Although, I do have someone twisting my arm VERY hard to plop down in Olathe for awhile.

I'm having a hard time resisting...

In the US I've lived in Florida, California, Kansas/Missouri(Kansas City), and Nebraska.

Nebraska is my least favorite, but my roots here are very deep.  I can't leave permanently...



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