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🐻s are Fooked, Almost

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As I'm headed down the highway back to Warsaw, okay it's not really a highway, more like a country road, I stopped to look at the market on my phone. My reaction can be seen in the headline above. Meanwhile I took a screenshot of the chart and I am attempting herewith on my phone to reproduce that shot.

II think you can tell where the "almost" line is. Like, right here. 


I hope to be back at my home office by 1:00 p.m. your time and we'll report back to you then, if possible.

Ciao and cześć! 

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5 day cycle projection 4690.

That's done, and that's some curve.

Driving from the northwest corner of Poland back to Warsaw has been an experience. Like driving across Pennsylvania from Erie to Philly in 1979. 


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