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Here's Why Bears Are Screwed Today 12/1/21

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The ES S&P 500 fugutures made a new low yesterday, but it was not confirmed by lower lows in hourly oscillators. Now, here we are, off to the races again, overnight and in the pre market his morning. The 5 day cycle projection is 4675-80.

At this point. It could change. 

To get there, the market would need to clear multiple resistance lines. The first, and most important of those, is the old Maginot line at 4635. If it clears that, there are more lines every 5-15 points or so, up to the level of the projection. 

The positive divergence in the hourly oscillators was not impressive. I don't think that this has the juice to get the S&P to that projection. If it rolls over below 4655, the widest downtrend channel would still be in farce. 


More later! Meanwhile, the big picture. 

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I went to the downtown shopping mall to get my adapter earlier today. The clerk at the service desk was surprisingly helpful. I found the universal adapter that works and we are back in business. 

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1 hour ago, Jimi said:
2 hours ago, DrStool said:

Gdańsk is an absolute boomtown. Apartments are under construction everywhere. 

Where you going to settle for winter?

This is a good question. I'm supposed to hear about my Polish residence permit application on December 6. Assuming that it's granted I will immediately apply for a French long-term stay Visa at the French embassy in Warsaw. That will take 2 months but I will go to France first for at least a month maybe more. Then I'll come back here to Warsaw and pick up the visa and go there for good. 

If the Polish residence permit is not issued, then I will go back to Croatia and start the whole process over again. In any case the goal is to end up in the south of France, in Nice. I want to buy an apartment there. And I also want to buy an apartment in Malaga, Spain. 

That's the plan. Of course that has been the plan for the last 3 years or so, but Mike Tyson keeps punching me in the face. 


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And after all is said and done, I would like to spend the summer in Gdansk! 

The weather in Poland in November is shit. Absolute shit. I hear that December is better, colder but drier, but seeing will be believing. 

And the darkness at 3:30 p.m. doesn't help either. 😬😩


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And we end with the 5 day cycle projection looking like 4430. 

I'll be behind the wheel again tomorrow, and will be traveling through long distances without good coverage. But I'll certainly try to make contact before the open.  The overnight session should be interesting. I think Mike Tyson just punched Wall Street in the face. 


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