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Drama Queen Market 11/19/21

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I just realized that yesterday was, in addition to being Vaccine III day, my second anniversary as an itinerant American in Europe. 

Wow. Whodathunk. 

Meanwhile, the zag has a lag, as the ES S&P 500 fugutures throw one hissy fit after another but manage to keep trending higher. The 5 day cycle projection is 4745. 

And despite all the gyrations, it really has been boring as hell. 


Gold Breaks Out, Sets New Targets, Miners Move

Benefit of the Doubt to the Upside Until Proven Otherwise

The Fed Pulls The Plug, Macro Liquidity Cruiser Starts Its Turn

Buys and Sells in Balance in Swing Trade Screens

Why Jerome Powell Had a Frog In His Throat 

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People who keep bears as pets. Think of it when they take the bear for a walk in the park. None of those little plastic bags. They need a shovel and a trash bag. 

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Reminds me of an apocryphal story. 

A man was walking his bear in the park. 

He came upon another man walking a cow. 

The bear saw steak. 

The cow kicked the bear in the snout and gored him. 

End of story. 

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I could do what I want to do here without selling the FL property, if I was willing to leverage. I might take on limited leverage. I'm thinking of buying 2-3 units in high demand locations where 10 weeks on Airbnb would pay the mortgage and I could live in them when I wanted other times. 

The more I think about Airbnb, despite its flaws, the more I think it makes sense. I don't know its price. I don't know what the chart looks like, but it is so dominant in the mobile lifestyle market, I think it could be a monster. Maybe I'll buy the dip. 


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Someone need to get a subscription to Lee's reports...

Fed Governor Chris Waller: "The rapid improvement in the labor market and the deteriorating inflation data have pushed me towards favoring a faster pace of tapering and a more rapid removal of accommodation in 2022."


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