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What You Must Know About the Strange Range 11/12/21

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That it's 4648 to 4667. Those are the numbers to beat on the ES, S&P fugutures this morning. Anything within that box is meaningless. A breakout either way should be a signal for a bigger movement. 


Given that the 5 day cycle up phase is already almost 2 days along without making progress, this constipation could lead to an explosive movement to the downside. 

Would I take an anticipatory position? Or might this be better called a suppository position? As in suppose it breaks down or suppose it doesn't. Then you have multiple suppositories. Once you choose a suppository position, there's no turning back. 

For perspective, when we zoom out to the 4 hour bars, we see the infamous Galloping Giraffosaurus pattern. And we all know what that means. It's not good news for bears. 


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3 minutes ago, DrStool said:

You can call them Ray, or you can call them Jay, or you can call them Ray Jay, but you doesn't have to call them Johnson. 

That was a funny beer commercial back in the day.......Does Jay P. use it wherever he goes?

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If TSLA can pick itself up off the floor, the NQ might have a hot date with Flo-Bot later today. The other horsemen of the Nazcrapolypse are doing their part this morning.

On the subject of ridiculous valuations, RIVN has a bigger market cap than GM. Makes perfect sense to me, especially having never recorded revenue and with the expectation that its sales for Q3 will be less than $1 million. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 9.16.30 AM.png

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By the way, did I mention...


On 11/12/2021 at 3:03 PM, DrStool said:

Sorry friends,  but this is now bullish. 



Sometimes this shit is so obvious. I mean, sometimes not, but sometimes, they might as well stick a hot poker up your ass. 

Like this. 


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