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Done! 11/5/21

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The last 5 day cycle projection I posted yesterday for the ES S&P 500 fugutures was 4690. Updating that this morning, it's back to 4685, which is being tagged as we speak here at 5:30 AM in New York. 

Are they done here? 

I doubt it. The market has clear sailing to 4715 this morning on the hourly chart. It would need to break trend sport at 4670 to have even a minor reversal shot. 

Frankly my dear, I think we're going to 5000. 

But probably not today. 



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Just now, Mkucstars said:

Ah, but just as all patterns are bullish, aren't all misses revised? Last few months were.

I freely admit that I have no clue how the BLS comes up with these numbers. They don't jibe with the tax data at all. One is real. The other isn't.  

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