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Fed Announces Stairway to Heaven, Plan to Protect Powell's Bond Holdings

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The Fed's "taper" announcement was actually just a signpost on the stairway to heaven. 

The 5 day cycle projection on the ES S&P 500 fugitures is now 4685. But the chart shows trend resistance at 4670 and 4700. The market always likes round numbers. 4700 is a done deal in my view. Today? Sure. Why not. 


I am assiduously working on a Liquidity Trader update with an analysis of what happened yesterday, a view of what's likely tomorrow, and a dive into real time tax collections to tell us what's actually happening as opposed to Mr. Powell's breathtaking double talk. Judging by how often he cleared his throat yesterday, it obviously even took his own breath away. 

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It Only Takes One House Fire to Start a Conflagration

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3 minutes ago, DrStool said:

Death rate rising even faster. Too many unvaccinated, non mask wearing, common-sense resisters in this country. It's like the US South and West.  

Gonna be awesome when the zombie-strain emerges, and we have to worry about catching COVID and defeating the undead.

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21 minutes ago, Mkucstars said:

Has Jay become a zombie? Cuz I can't imagine the other zombies are paying him much...

Q's up 1.5% because... well just because. Inflation I guess. What a racket.

Sorta been the theme since QE, ie......all or nothing risk "investing"

SCHD = Schwab Dividend ETF

SCHG ="Schwab Growth"/ FAANG/ The Horseman, et al./ The ones who will own it all

GSPC is the 500, IXIC is the Naz




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