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The Belgian Gambit 11/2/21

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10 hours ago, Jimi said:

Actually, the genius of the Maginot Line was that by forcing the Germans to go around it, they entered Belgium. The British could not stand for that. So, they were drawn into the conflict, on behalf of Belgium, and thereby, France. 

Yes, but did the French plan it this way? And would the Brits come to their rescue today? 

These are the salient questions, as the forces of evil prepare to mount another end around through Belgium. 


Who are the forces of evil, you say? It is the Them. The Them are everywhere. 

And now, a word from our sponsor. 

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It Only Takes One House Fire to Start a Conflagration

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Playahs pulled $142 billion out of the RRP slush fund yesterday. Be interesting to see how much comes out today. Still near the highest level. They've been using repo to fund new issuance. It's dangereux. 

It Only Takes One House Fire to Start a Conflagration

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5 day cycle projection was 4630, done. So this might be the high for now. 

Or not. First step to a real pullback would be a clean break of trend sport at 4627, 


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7 hours ago, DrStool said:

I've had Belgian waffles in Liege, where they were invented. 


I was in Liege once in December. Cold & grey like the rest of Northern Europe. I was too broke to buy waffles or much of anything else. But I had a coat sufficient against the cold & rain... and was young & happy.

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