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Hold That Line 10/27/21

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Just now, Mkucstars said:

Man, they really don't want gold over 1800. Whoever "they" are.

The Them are notorious.



We feed greedily on the crumbs around the legs of their dinner table.

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2 hours ago, Mkucstars said:

SAND holding up well. Watching AEM, nobody seems to like the merger with KL but KL's CEO is said to be picked to run it. I like but not rushing in.

KL was at the top of my list - virtually no debt.  AEM should be a good one.    But a wise person once told me that if and when the market finally cracks, these would go, too.

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This feels all so top top topy!!!

Happy birthday stool



Printing is an act of default.

Inflating the money supply is a defaltory act.

Bondholders dont get back the real value of what they lent.

Shareholders benefit greatly from the inflationary default.

Owning stocks is a free ride on inflation so long as the stock, ie. the company has fixed rate debt attached which is below the inflation rate.

The future value of this benefit is discounted back to a net present value and incorporated into stock prices.

I call this the "J Sum Number".


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