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Double Secret Resistance Cleared. Next Sop, 4600 10/26/21

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So the Fed will keep on redefining transitory.

For longer and longer periods.

Can't let a great false narrative die until all the juice has been squeezed from the lemon.

Can't wait for the new FED definition "transitory means 3 to 5 years".

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When the Top came in September. Did not imagine that it will be more like 2007 with Slightly higher high on all indexes. Not only that even BTC did the same. During September top there was no Huge gap up. yesterday was ideal.

Is the market going to head south. Yes

If one look at all tops they do distribute then it head south. which we will see next week.



8 minutes ago, jp6 said:



It's like 2007 where Most Indexes made slightly higher high to fool everyone. Gap Gap is classic where they clean out shorts and get Bulls to load up. 

Huge Gap up that got sold is how top are made. Check How the Fib Sq. Plays out if one runs them Backward. 

There are 2 scenario that can play out SPX heads south to 4555 then head back up and do double top or It head up and do double top. 

1st one is how they distribute

Look At SPX which has done Perfect ABC and has met all the upside. Today it will do small C wave 4555 then back up again for the final time.






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