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Houston We Have a Problem Ship Channel 9/21/21

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Don't ask. 

We have a rebound. We know where the low is. By connecting lows and drawing a parallel line, we see a channel. So I named it. The Houston We Have a Problem Ship Channel. Our stock market space capsule was out there on its way to the moon, when it encountered yesterday's little problem. The question now is, will the market space capsule be coming back to Earth. If so, when and how. 

These are big questions, which I try to answer ever week at Liquidity Trader.

Here we focus on the day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute, from my De Luxe Apartment in the Sky, overlooking Warsaw. I'm an alien. I'm a legal alien. I'm a Jewishman in Warsaw, Whoa oh! 



As of this writing at 3:45 AM New York time, the ES S&P futures are ripping their way toward the top of that new channel. First resistance is around 4403. Then we hit the top of the channel at 4418 around 4-5 AM. THere are multiple resistance lines above that from 4423 to 4430. Reaching that area, will be the true test of whether yesterday was the only selling climax we need in this decline. Or perhaps, if there will be more to come. 



Zooming in to the 30 minute bars I can derive a 2-3 day cycle projection of anywhere from 4415 to 4440 or fight. 


More later. We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming. 

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Will close lower then Opening price. That means another Red candle today. Yesterday we had selling climax like 14th September. so far nothing has changed. I am expecting more volume to come in. Dam does not bust in one day.

Its' same play as before Market gaps up before open then levitate to suck in more bulls then by days end it closes lower then open.





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10 minutes ago, Mkucstars said:

The Fed has your back but he has a knife...

Where can You get returns in Zero World where Inflation is eating up your capitol?

My views are different. it's the inflow that drove Market up due to Zero returns in banks. To get any return one had to put money in that was going up. that include Crypto,  NFT or anything that went up. Now the Money is risky assets. Only way out is that get more inflow in to keep the Ponzi scheme going. 

Once the Ponzi start deflating there is nothing Fed can do.

Cut rates? No

More QE  Yes

Did QE solved anything? Just look at EU and JAPAN

More free money? Yes



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34 minutes ago, Mkucstars said:

Like a juggler with one too many balls... how long before he looses it?

My long term wouldn't have gone up if it wasn't for Zero returns in banks. Fed knows how to inflate Bubbles. If you were trading 2007-2009 you would have seen the horror movies where Fed and Government's  runs around like headless chickens. after Bubble  collapse. That is near the end

I am 90% sure it will play out like my chart.

It means Lower high Lower low Many more RED candles



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Retail Investors Flooded Into Stocks On Monday Just As Professional Sentiment Turned Most Bearish Since Last October


While we have seen a pick-up in ETF buying this week, the magnitude has been a little underwhelming relative to previous selloffs,” Ben Onatibia and Giacomo Pierantoni wrote. “This diminishing appetite to support the equity rally raises the odds of a larger selloff if institutional investors continue to sell.



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How Many will get margin Call??

Crypto enthusiasts are borrowing to pile more into digital coins

‘If it was in a bank account, my money would just be going down, with inflation eating away at it’

People use crypto-backed loans for the same reason they borrow against their stock portfolios: to reap the benefits of rising prices without diminishing the size of their bets. Ether, for example, has risen nearly 10-fold in the past year, eclipsing the interest on the average ether-backed loan. Borrowers can also use this strategy to avoid capital-gains taxes.

Celsius Network depositors earn a 6.2% interest rate on up to one bitcoin, worth over $46,000. Borrowers pay between 0% and 8.95% on bitcoin-backed loans, depending on the loan-to-value ratio. Some of the money the company uses to fund the loans comes from hedge funds hungry for yield in a low-rate world

Many borrowers use the loans to amplify their bets on crypto. Kris Kostadinov, who goes by Kris Kay, took out a loan worth $14,000 in the tether stablecoin from the decentralised-finance platform Aave earlier this year and used the proceeds to buy ether. He used the ether to trade in and out of nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, which are blockchain-based authenticity certificates attached to digital assets such as artwork and sports highlights.

Though Kay, 27 years old, almost faced a margin call when the price of ether fell earlier this year, he estimates that he used the loan to fund investments now worth over $60,000.

“If it was in a bank account, my money would just be going down, with inflation eating away at it,” Kay said.




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