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Something's Happenin Here, What It Is... 9/20/21

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2 minutes ago, DrStool said:

I believe the corporate supply both equities and fixed income are what is crushing this market. This has been going on for months. It's like a cancer that's finally taking a toll. I warned about this a couple years ago. I said that stock BuyBacks were two-way street. I wrote that once the stock prices reached a certain permanently high plateau, the supply will come out of the woodwork.


Even the Fed.

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Don't look now, but I just saw that they hit the bottom of the ES (S&P futures) megaphone pattern that started on July 26. Here's the 4 hour bar perspective. 

Gonna be awe inspiring if it breaks. 


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I don't think this is gonna stop at 4305. 5 day cycle projection could be 4285. I fucking blew it this morning when I said I'd hold off tracking the new short picks until 3 PM price.  What a moron. Should never try to guess what the market will do during the day 2 hours beforehand.  Trade what the intraday chart shows you. 

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