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If This is A "W" the Next Two Letters Will Be TF 9/10/21

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I'll start with the 2 hour bars this morning, for perspective. As of 4 AM in NY, the numbers to watch, progressively, for resistance, are 4518-20, 4525, and 4530. If those are cleared, the next target would be 4550, and that could happen fast. 


Looking at the 1 hour bars, the 5 day cycle projection would be 4520, if they can hold the 4510 area until 5 AM ET. If they clear it, then the projection could move higher. The hourly oscillators are mixed. It's not yet a strong sign that the rally will progress from here. For now, the trajectory of the current move is aimed at the resistance convergence around 4518 around the hour of the NY opening. 


More later. Now back to your local stations for your listening and dining pleasure. 

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Nice. Notice the rising lows on the oscillators. Meaningful? Yes. And no. It depends. 

There. Isn't that helpful? Seriously, if they hold an turn up over the next 2 hours, bullish. But if they slip and these oscillators continue south, we'll be looking at 4465-68. 



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44 minutes ago, Mkucstars said:

Amazon abuses pregnant employees. Apple gets smacked down on its app store. Not a good day for big tech! Everything selling off a bit, looks like it may follow through on Monday. Keep my shorts on or lighten up? Decisions decisions...

Everything was option driven. Next week will be very interesting. 

Will they delta hedge and limit their losses?

When you look at VIX not much insurance was brought after 12 and Half years of Bull run (150 Months)

So far nothing is broken. It will be broken in September.

we will know when NYA takes out 200 MA


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