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Time for a Break on the Way to Da Moon 8/31/21

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The 5 day cycle projection has pulled back to 4548. The ES S&P futures hit 4546 this morning. Close enough for government work. Time for a breather. 

The pullback has already come down to one support area around 3528. The big mahoff is at 4520. That's the top of the magaphobe pattern that it just broke out of yesterday. If this pullback holds, the price objective would be da moon.  


And for your longer term listening and dining pleasure:

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29 minutes ago, potatohead said:

Think of it as the gillette razors business model......we gave them the handle....now they have to buy the parts from us...

I think the idea is to leave a bunch of military equipment with only regional reach. Sort of a big middle finger to Pakistan. But that ascribes a lot of intentionality to what otherwise appeared as pants-around-ankles reactive policy. 

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