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61.8 and Feeling Great- Here's Today's Stock Market Trading Outlook

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3 hours ago, DrStool said:

5 day cycle projection would be 4475 IF they clear the 4440 area. 

It's remarkable how the present value of discounted future cash flows can change on a dime. Super efficienty.

Which is to say, U.S. capitalism has become a worthless shitshow of marketing & pumping securities by Wall Street in cahoots with the Fed & Treasury without any reference to fundamental value.  It wasn't always the case that the public purse wasn't openly a tool of the plutocrats... I mean, pre-Greenspan, at least "appearances" were maintained. And Volcker didn't hesitate to bust balls as he saw necessary... 


How long does Wile. E. Coyote get to hang suspended over the vast abyss below before this crapshitcesspollpsycho fleece-machine throws its rod and grinds to a halt?

I enjoy gardening. The whole world can go to hell: I will putter endlessly in my vast garden until I die.

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200 miles north of Calgary was cold af, with the sun rising around 9am in the winter.  Matter of fact, the folks I hung out with in Edmonton didn't bother with winter coats because they didn't consider being outside as a serious option - they'd put on wind breakers, get in the car in the garage, drive to the mall, run from car to mall and then perambulate for a few hours indoors.  Bigger issue for them was sweating while doing so - hence the windbreakers.

I was also the first Jew they'd ever met, which was apparently a big deal for them around holiday time.  One of the uncles greeted us with a big "Happy Chanuk....oof" that was cut off when his wife elbowed him.

But they kept the rye and gingers coming, and it was all good.  Pretty chill place.  But cold-af.

I thought Rome was at Club Med latitude 🙄

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