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S&P Futures Crush Support Overnight - Here's What's Coming Next 8/19/21

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QE definitely is money printing. The money did not exist before the Treasury issued the debt and the Fed bought it or financed it by depositing newly imagined cash into the accounts of Primary Dealers. Yeah, it's an asset swap, but those assets didn't exist either before the US Treasury issued them. 

Again, it's double entry bookkeeping. Both assets and liabilities increased simultaneously. If the Fed didn't print the money, the prices of bonds would have collapsed from the pressure of $200 billion a month in Treasury issuance. 

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Sorry, but I don't see it. And you could also say the same thing about the bull markets. The dollar and stocks usually rise together.  

On the face of it, there's little correlation, and if any, mostly in the same direction, not opposite. And there's no evidence of cause and effect, either way. 

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