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Report from NYCASS Meeting

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I am disappointed in the Nasdaq picture.


I expected you guys to have Leslie LaRoche in full bondage, giving the blow by blow on the PreMarket movers, with you guys jeering and howling through the window....

We were discussing Leslie LaRoche as we walked around the corner after the Nasdaq photo.


The Harsh Mistress is definitely more 'active' during the night shift. But she works out of a duplicate set in the basement.

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CapitalStool NYCASS Presides Over Sell-off NYSE Opening Ceremony


New York - CapitalStool NYCASS chapter presided over today?s NYSE market open to the delight of few on the trading floor. The DOW opened down 60 points.


Unlike previous dignitaries and business VIPs, the group greeted today?s market fall at open with cheers and shouts of ?whoop-ass? while traders panicked in the frenzy. The group broke into chants of ?DOC STOOL CMAPS RULE? leaving many on the floor distracted in their search for bargains possibly contributing to a deeper sell-off this morning.


Ford Motor (F) was originally scheduled for today?s opening but rescheduled due an unexpected Chapter 11 filing this morning. NYCASS was in the area and readily available to attend today after completion of a NASDAQ exchange predawn tour this morning. The group participated in a controversial ?cow-tipping? of the NASDAQ bull statue in the early morning hours.


NYCASS members participating in the open were (from left to right) Lurker #1, anothereone, Lurker#2,Machinehead,The end,Mr Crusty, Torah Man, Richmntn, Mousey Dung, Pile Driver and Ned (not shown).


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dammit, that would've been fun. get all warm & fuzzy looking at the pics (thanks end, and kudos on your heroic odyssey). torah, kickass beard, truly magnificent.


fokker - same with phat & ms phat, we snug up chairs at the computer for wine & stool.


mousey, i was just a dirty look in someone's eye most of that decade.

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DF and Phat,

Did either of you work for National Enquirer during the 1960's? :huh:

At that time I wrote copy for them, I didn't do any photography work though. I didn't think it was fair; they wouldn't allow me as a 5 year old to handle their camera and stuff, but they'd make me write all the articles. <_<

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It's the cut and paste part that makes me think you two may have worked for the Enquirer when they were into doing that kind of stuff with Liz and Burton and Jackie, etc. I should have known it wasn't yuse goys. You do it so much better than those Enquirer cut and paste guys ever did!

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