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Here We Go Again..ain...n...nnn

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The ES fucutures dipped to spport lines in the overnight session in Asia, then the Europeans got to it, and lo and behold, they've rallied for the past 5 hours.  Resistance is indicated 4366-69. If they clear that, then 4377-78. 5 day cycle indicators have turned to the buy side. 

Then of course there's the fact that today begins the regular mid month MBS settlement week, which this week totals $128 billion, of which a ridiculous $83 billion comes today. This is on top of the $20 billion per week of daily Fed purchases of Treasuries. The Primary Dealers with be flush up the kazoo with cash.  

Moron that here.

Meanwhile, here's the chart as of 7:15 AM in New Yak. 


Find the extended outlook at Liquidity Trader. 

Where The End Stage Rally is Headed

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salaries and benefits sure are rising at restaurants. i know a punk college dropout who was just upgraded to a $65k salary with full benefits to water thirsty people at a bar.

i'm just a poor engineer from the Reagan era, when workers got the short end.

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The money went to buy Treasuries today. That's today. 

Have a great night. Tomorrow I'm on to Warsaw, the thriving capital of Poland, where construction cranes reign. It looks like the skyline of Toronto.  

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there was a Jewish partisan from Poland who spoke fluent Polish, and subsequently interviewed the Pols after the war. the Pols had no idea he was Jewish, and he discovered  how deep anti-semitism truly is. He bolted from poland after that.

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true there were even progroms after the war. however today I think that there is far less anti-Semitism here. I've met many Polish people online in the last 18 months I have not seen a single expression of anti-Semitism. many Polish people have or had Jewish family connections in their past. I have even come across some people who are the children of hidden Jews. It's a fascinating story that I intend to research in some depth. 

My first cousins and I have discovered that we have a third cousin from a branch of our family that remained in Poland,  who is now a professor of cultural anthropology at the University of Alabama. She discovered that her grandmother was a Polish Jew who had hidden her Jewish identity all her life. Since discovering this, this professor has reconnected with her Polish Jewish roots and has made it the focus of her academic work. It's absolutely fascinating. 


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