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Back to the Fucutures Friday

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I don't know what yesterday was all about. Here at 6 AM ET, the fucutures are back to where they left off on Friday.  

I guess they have down days for dramatic effect. 

Did I say dramatic. They have, in essence, set up a trading range of 4310-4348, which if my superquantumcomputer, artificially intelligent calculations are correct, is less than 1%, woohoo. Ride em cowboy. 

Until they break out, one way or another, it's garbage time. I guess the gang is selling premium. 



Meanwhile, the 10 year is down to 1.35 on bullish liquidity factors that will persist for awhile

The dollar has been strengthening. The EUR is down to $1.18, but above the March low of 1.17. I'd love to see a breakdown there for personal reasons, obviously. I've been living in currencies pegged to the Euro, and by later this year hope to settle in France, which of course uses the EUR. Don't ask me to splain currency fluctuations. They're a mystery. I just rely on the charts. If EUR doesn't break below 1.18 soon, I'll load up with enough to last me a while. 

Predicted high of 94 here today, 100 tomorrow. I think I'll just ride it out indoors. 


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Any non-withheld taxes are included in other income taxes, which have blown the roof off this year. Huge numbers. In all the years I've been tracking taxes, there's never been anything remotely close to the explosion in income tax collections this year, both withheld and non withheld, and that's even after the low base effect comparison is out of the data.   

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