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Hot as Brat - 7/6/21

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Welcome back! I hope you had a great holiday. I had a traditional one, walking around Ljubljana, Slovenia, taking photos. Then yesterday, I got on a bus to Bratislava, and boy is it hot here. Today they're predicting a high of 93, tomorrow, 94, and Thursday 100. 100 degrees in the center of Europe. Latitude 48.14 N. That's like Seattle, North Dakota, Montana, and parts Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. 

I guess we're getting the weather they had last week. 


That's about how hot the stock market is. 

Trading in Europe and Asia since Friday shows the ES futures in a flat down phase since Friday afternoon. That implies that the US will turn up again today. Wow. 



Real Time Tax Data Hot Like the Weather

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39 minutes ago, DrStool said:

It is too frickin hot. I can't believe that it's gonna be a hunnert degrees here on Toisday. A hunnert! Woo.  

Sounds good to me ... freezin' my tits off here ..🤨

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No reason given for the selloff that I can see. And prices are way ahead of any cycle projections on the downside. 

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