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4305 or Dive 6/23/21

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Yep, that was the 5 day cycle projection as of 1 AM in New York. It implied that resistance at 4242, 4248, and 4248, would be non factors, or at least not much. An old megaphone line now at 4274, and another one at 4284 could be.  

But then the fucutures pulled back just a little between 2 AM and 5 AM. That broke the 2 day uptrend channel and put 5 day cycle oscillators on sell signals. If this pullback doesn't stop at somewhere around 4230, it could mean pahtay ovah.  Below 4225, and bears could drive. Below 4205 would open the trap door for a crash. 

So which will it be? Let's key on the 4225-4230 area for a signal. 


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Pick List Longs Escape With Flying Colors, Now for the Shorts

Flying Blind, But They Warned Us


That Got Ugly Fast

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What is the FED doing right now??????

It is expanding the schrodingian uncertainty box where in lies its future actions.

Creating maximum confusion as to its future actions.

This of course is the oppposite to Schrodingian contraction.

Its taper talk is just that ....talk.

Synthetic Negative QE.

I think the inflation trades are still good.

Blackrock obviously agrees having just bought $6 billion in houses.

Financed I presume with a lot of low rate long dated debt to give the investment a high J Number.

The FED by its interest rate supression activites, money printing, direct bond buying and schrodingian expansion, is actually increasing the J number of this type of investment.

After all if your Blackrock why not go along for the free ride provided by the FED.

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41 minutes ago, Mkucstars said:

LOL, I see I am talking to myself. Am I the last remaining bear? One can only hope...

Yep. I wish more people were here, but the fact that they're not could be a bearish sign. 

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I got 80% of the way to the top and said WTF are you doing up here, idiot? At that point, I turned around and stumbled back down, ripping up my old man legs in the nettles on the hillside. 

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