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Wasn't That Special 6/22/21

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I'm leaving early Tuesday AM for a little boat trip out to a couple of the outer islands. Just 9 more days here in Zadar, so I want to pack in some R&R and visits to places I haven't seen yet. I'll open a new thread now for Tamara. I'll be back around 1 PM ET.  

Have a great evening and a good morning! I'll send a few picks if I have the internets. 

Now, how do you like these cowpies. 

The 5 day cycle projection pulled back to 4240 at the end of the day. Lots of resistance there too. 

One thing to look for. If these meltup rolls over below 4230, bears could get the ball back. But that might just turn into the dreaded codpiece pattern.  


See you Tuesday PM! 


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2 hours ago, BreakOut said:

M. Arouet (@MichaelaArouet) Tweeted:
Nice guide for vacation in Europe 👇 Croatia probably offers the best value for money. https://t.co/xKvU2jHlAt

True to some extent, but I'd quibble. Monetenegro and Albania are cheaper and they have some great beach resorts and gorgeous scenery.  Spain and Portugal have gotten expensive in the summer but offer great value in low season.

And France has two parts. The south of France is much less expensive than the north, but definitely as expensive in summer. But the shoulder and low seasons are A MAZE ing! Obviously not as cheap as Croatia, but hey, it's France. I plan to buy an apartment in Nice in January. I'll skip town in summer and generate enough cash to stay in nice places wherever I travel and still have cash left over. It's called Airbnbitrage. 

I just made it up.  Now how can I make millions from it... 

I know I'll write a book. How you can retire on a modest income and Airbnbitrage your way to a fortune in beautiful experiences, with cash left over to pay for aides to wipe your ass when the time comes. 

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