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Jaysus Says 6/16/21

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45 minutes ago, DrStool said:

You gotta stop reading that shit. You'll grow hair on your palms. 

Treasury balance_9153_image001.png

It took them a few weeks to figure out what to do with the cash that started building up in March. 

Would not mind reading more opinionated garbage, if I actually starting growing hair back on my head again....

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I need to grow hair on the front of my head. I'm starting to look like Chuck Schumer. 

So I use the Donald Trump method of styling by pulling the hair from the rear across the front and over. 

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NQ--nice bounce off the lows. Thought it was going to turn green there for a second, but not yet I guess. Still a half hour to go so who knows. 

I hate days like today. Just wind up staring at my screen in a drooling stupor, too gobsmacked to trade it.  

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Sure, the Fed has boxed itself into a corner. Every time people talk taper, I say, impossible. 

But conditions have changed just a tad. 


There's a small, but not inconsequential chance that we get a garden variety bear market, and not a monumental crash. 

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