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Bulls Charge But Bears Hold The Edge 3/26/21

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It will be the biggest QE the Fed has Ever Given. 

All upside projections canceled again. This chart is an ungodly mess today. The market should be arrested for disorderly conduct.

Is this bullish behavior? I don't think so. 


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16 minutes ago, PullMyFinger said:

Sometimes, you can only knock on heaven's door so many times before they either let you in, or throw you off the porch steps.


Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 12.13.23 PM.png

Yours seems more orderly than mine. 

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All that said, I am ahead on the day, mostly thanks to FUBO. My long trade that I came in with also worked. But I've had a slew of losers. A bunch of schmucks. 

It has been a slog. 

I have 4 trades open at the moment. All shorts. All green. Erin go bragh. 

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5 minutes ago, DrStool said:

Yours seems more orderly than mine. 

I have been playing around with the NQ for about a week or so. ES and I are taking a break from dating, since the relationship was too one sided lately. 😒 

Once the moves start on NQ, they are pretty vicious this week, but they do seem to kinda obey trading frames when you break them into 1/8ths. Even a 3/8 move with as wide as the frames have been is pretty profitable.

With my luck, won't last much longer. If anything could have a good, old fashioned knock-your-teeth-out crash this year, I would expect it to be the NAS and not the Dow or S&P. I am not bullish at all on the NAS at this point. But I'm not sure any of them will do much more than correct rather than crash. I'm expecting chop for a good chunk of the year, but I am even worse at the long term stuff than the short term, and that's saying something. For me, trading is more of a 12-step program. One day at a time. 

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I just don't have the stones, or enough money to lose, to play the futures. I like stodgy stocks, with lots of die versification. 

That way, I can never make too much. Like today when I was short FUBO for a 12% move, and got out before another 10%. 

But I'm in Valley Green at the moment. 

Has anyone here ever been there? 

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